Dance contents / Inhaltsverzeichnis


Ich lobe den Tanz, den er befreit den Menschen von der Schwere der Dinge, bindet den Vereinzelten zu Gemeinschaft. 

Ich lobe den Tanz, der alles fordert und fördert, Gesundheit und klaren Geist und eine beschwingte Seele. 

Tanz ist Verwandlung des Raumes, der Zeit, des Menschen, der dauernd in Gefahr ist, zu zerfallen, ganz Hirn, Wille oder Gefühl zu werden. 

Ich lobe den Tanz… O Mensch lerne tanzen, sonst wissen die Engel im Himmel mit dir nichts anzufangen.

Augustinus (354-430)



My Dance History


My Square Dance History


Take a journey through my dancing "career"! Beginning with my first steps as a 5-year old up until the present.

The Groups / Die Gruppen

Over the years I have "founded" and taught a number of groups. Especially for the members and former members of the groups these pages should be a lot of fun to look through.

The Dances / Die Tänze

Here you will find some dances descriptions (not many yet I'm afraid) as well as some of the song lyrics. you will also find a small introduction into "Romanaotation", a way of writing descriptions without words!


It was especially fun putting together the events pages. What memories! The events include seminars, work shops, parties, as well as travels to other countries just to learn dancing.


Over the years I have collected lots of pictures and books about traditional costumes. Some of them I have attempted to copy, some I have managed to purchase. I'll try to add here some examples.


Under the "links" you'll find links (obviously) to other homepages pertaining to folk dancing. If you know of one that my readers may be interested in, please tell me! In some cases I have perhaps added links to pages without getting the owners permission first and then forget to follow up on it. If anyone would not like their link to continue being listed here, please notify me. I'm just glad to get things finished and then I run out of time and/or forget.... sorry.



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