My Square Dance History





big brother Bob, me, little brother Carl



Together with my two brothers, in 1958 I joined a childrens square dance class, the "Twinkling Twirlers". I remember our teacher's name was Silvia, and I remember bugging her by requesting the round dance "Salty Dog Rag" all the time.



Then in 1961 we moved to the Philippines. We soon continued square dancing there. Our mom was interested, too, but had great difficulty talking my dad into joining. But he did join and soon ended up being president of our club! Brother Bob became a caller and soon we traveled to various towns to perform square dance to the Philipinos.


mom is on the front left, dad front right

I'm second row, middle

(sorry for the lousy picture quality)



We also danced on my dad's ship, the AKL-12.


I can't find the Bataan Twirlers badge,

but I know I have it somewhere





my Dad the president


When we returned to the States (San Diego/El Cajon, CA), we looked for a new club but didn't find one we enjoyed, so square dancing as a family died. In the mean time I was very involved with folk dancing at Balboa Park.


When I moved to Germany I became a member of a number of square dance clubs. There was a large American military presence so at that time the membership was primarily American, which gave me a touch of home.



with the "Shirts and Skirts" of Hanau, Germany; 1977




1971 - 1974

I started teaching my own folk dance class and arranged in spring, 1978, a weekend introductory workshop in Square Dance with Reinhold Schumacher of the Wiesbaden "Kuntry Kuzins".



"Kuntry Kuzins"


In 1978 I moved to Babenhausen, which had it's own American army Kaserne (base). At the time there wasn't a square dance group, so in 1979 together with some interested people we founded one. Of course we had to find a name, and since there's a so-called witches tower in Babenhausen, I came up with the idea: "Witches and Wizards". I introduced the name suggestion to the "Gateway Twirlers" and they all thought it perfect... thus, the "Witches and Wizards" came in being!


Our first (improvised) badge



For a number of years we continued dancing at the recreation center on the Babenhausen Kaserne with various callers and German as well as American members. Then it got more and more difficult for people to get on the base because of security issues and a new place to dance had to be found. A few members moved the club to Rodgau Nieder-Roden but I decided not to continue being a member. I had a family with two kids and my own folk dance classes to teach. It was a fun time while it lasted!



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