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Square Dance

San Diego / Balboa Park


This is where it all began! One Sunday around 1960 I visited Balboa Park with my family. In the building named "Food and Beverage Building" I saw people dancing folk dancing for the first time. I remember it very clearly. But it wasn't until our return from the Philippines that I ended up joining them, sometime around 1966. Every Sunday afternoon for years afterwards I regularly visited and danced with them.


"Slawia", Frankfurt; 1973 - 1974


Rodgau - Jügesheim; 1977 - 1979


My first group. It began with members of the Catholic Youth group in Rodgau-Jügesheim. It was the first time I ever taught dancing. Over the years we arranged trips, seminars, and dance parties.

Babenhausen; 1979 - 1989

Turnverein Babenhausen e.V.


My family moved to Babenhausen in 1979. One day there I noticed an add in the local newspaper from the towns gymnastic club. They were looking for someone to start teaching folk dancing! Soon we had a good group going, including a children's group. We performed regularly as well as organizing seminars.

Witches and Wizards Square Dance Club, Babenhausen


Founded by me, among others. The name was also my idea, named after the witches tower in Babenhausen, a local landmark. The group later moved to Rodgau-Nieder Roden, but continued using the name "Witches and Wizards" for many years.


VHS Aschaffenburg; since 1984


In 1984 I began teaching at the adult night school program, Volkshochschule (VHS), in Aschaffenburg. I'm still teaching there today, even though it means driving 45 km once a week. For a time I taught 2 classes an evening, meaning 3 hours of non-stop dancing. Some former members of my Babenhausen group still dance with me in Aschaffenburg.


Urberach; December 1995 - 2005


Just by chance (or fate?) one of my former dancers and I met at a "Golden Bough" concert. During intermission she told me that the folk dance group she was presently dancing with was looking for a new instructor and whether I was interested in taking it over. Well, obviously I said yes.......

VHS Gravenbruch; since November 2004


The instructor for a group in Gravenbruch became ill and since the group had been dancing together for many years and wanted to continue, they started looking for a new instructor. One of my Urberach ladies recommended me and after experiencing them, I said yes......




The group "Sousta" is trained by Conny Kissel, a former Slawia member and long time friend of mine. Every year her group organises an outdoor party with Balkan food and dance demonstrations.

Golden Bough


A Celtic group from my home in El Cajon, California, during various visits to me in Germany where they also performed.


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